Oatmeal cookies for a better day


It is said that it is better not to connect food with emotions. Nonetheless, I cannot find the answer for one of the most startling questions: how are we supposed not to connect food with feelings, when it actually has the power of making us feel just so good and, analogically, so bad, too? In my opinion, almost everybody needs comfort food from time to time and almost everybody has their own 'type'. However, disturbingly often our comfort foods take form of fat-dripping and salt'n'sugar caloric bombs, which, in the long run, do not make us feel better at all. This is the reason for which I have developed an interest in creating healthy (and still delicious) alternatives for our everyday cravings. 

Today I want to present to you one of my favourite cookie recipes (and not only mine). These cookies are surprisingly multipurpose, as you can actually eat them for breakfast, snack or dessert, you can take it to school or work, use it as a gift for your best friend and give it to your kids without feeling like a bad parent. Moreover, they are extremely easy and fast to make, so even if your baking skills are not a Master Chef level yet or you have a busy schedule (and I bet you do), you are still perfectly able to make them.

What are your favourite comfort foods? Which one of them would you like me to 'reformulate' next? Or maybe you have your own healthy recipes you would like to share? I cannot wait to read your experience with the subject!

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