New Year, New Me, blah blah


This post will be a little more lofty than usually, as - even though I toss "New Year, New Me" crap to trash - I am still in a pretty reflective mood right now.

This year I decided not to make any resolutions I would forget after a day of hangover (although there was no hangover this time). What I mean is that I wish to focus on my inner state rather than on the external aspects of life, such as weight loss, money etc. (I'm not saying they're not welcome...). I have to admit I wasn't in the best health condition lately and it brought my attention to the issues I neglected for years, with suppressed emotions in the lead. I believe that everything that happens to us is the elongation of our inner - often subconscious - state. Here are the things I am aspiring to this year:

  • be in contact with my emotions
  • be aware
  • be gentle for myself
  • let the things that block me go
  • let control go
  • embrace the uncertainty
  • be grateful
  • love
I am not claiming that I will achieve all of the above at once, as it involves changing my habits, which is a rather long-term process. I intend to be proud of myself for even small steps taken towards the direction I chose. Basically, I want to open for what life brings and stop trying to control everything. I want to be true to myself, as well as trust my intuition. I believe that this is the best thing I can do for myself (and others in my surroundings) at the moment.

What are your New Year's reflections and resolutions? Can't wait to read them!

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  1. Great goals, these are wonderful things to work on. I also think I need to work on some of them as well. Beautiful pictures by the way!

    Sempiternal Adventures


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